5 Fashion Must Haves for Fall

Because I love Twittermoms so much (and clothes, and fashion) today’s post will be all about what I think you should make sure to have in your closet for the autumn months.

1. A cape. No, not like a batman cape. Like the one Daily Candy talked about today. I found an awesome one at a vintage store for $40 yesterday. If I were to splurge it would be on this one.

2. An purposely offkilter/ruffled/asymmetrical cardigans. Like this one from Overstock

3. A draped tank to wear over jeans, leggings (yes, they are back) or a pencil skirt. Wanna splurge? On a budget?

4. Flat Boot. Yes, ladies..say goodbye to teetering on the sidewalk in heels. How about a pair of these or these ?

5. Chunky, statement necklace like this splurge or this steal

Anything missing? Let me know in the comments. In the meantime, Shop Smart, Look Fab

Shop Smart Look Fab

Shop Smart Look Fab


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