Eat Your Vegetables!

It is sometimes a battle to make sure that H (our three year old) gets enough vegetables. Thankfully, he loves fruit (even moreso than candy some days).

The rule is, when he is home, that vegetables *will be* included in lunch at minimum. Typically, he likes vegetables more than meat (I know, strange child) but when we try to introduce vegetables that he has not tried before he gets all fussy.

So, when that happens, this is what we try:

– Mix the new vegetable with something he likes. Cheese , corn or pasta..typically.
– Bake it into bread (like zucchini bread which he loves)
– Barter with him that if he finished ALL of his vegetables he will get dessert.

Do you have any good tips on getting your toddler to eat their fruits or vegetables? Check out this contest

Also, this product is a great way to get both fruits in veggies into your child’s tummy.


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