Swipe, Deploy And Make it Your Own

For today’s post I am going to take a page from Dan Kennedy‘s book. If you haven’t heard of Dan, you should do a little homework. Seriously, Dan Kennedy devotees are a special breed.

One vital Dan Kennedy tip is called Swipe and Deploy. Sure, it seems easy and apparent (and you may want to smack yourself in the head and say “I’ve thought of that!” once you read more about the technique). I, for one, had thought about using the Swipe and Deploy technique years ago, but didn’t. Don’t make the same mistake.

As Brad Hamilton said in Fast Times At Ridgemont High “Learn it. Know it. Live it.”

Enough with the movie quotes. Swipe and Deploy means, taking an idea from somewhere and deploying or use it somewhere else. My personal example of Swipe and Deploy is Gayle’s Six Ways To Generate Business With Twitter. I have taken marketing and sales techniques from different social media experts and have used them via Twitter. Before I share these ways, it is important to note that the Swipe and Deploy technique is not about taking someone else’s idea, doing a cut and paste and then posting that idea as your own in a blog, Facebook post or Tweet. Creating a true Swipe and deploy strategy is finding an idea, researching it, understanding that idea, and making it the same idea with a twist. In other words, your version of proven idea, usually from an industry leader.

So, with no further ado, here are My Six Ways For Increasing Business Via Twitter:

1. Know who you follow and who follows you. I am not saying that you need to personally meet every single one of your followers (or who you follow). What I mean here is it is important to go though you follow/follower list at least once a day and make sure that those are the people who will grow your business.

2. Saw something meaningful in your Tweets. This is pretty self-explanatory. No one really cares about what you are having for lunch that day.

3. Use the opportunity to network with leaders in your field/ industry/ sales segment. So what if you are a travel agent and @Travelocity isn’t following you. That does not mean you can’t include them in your Tweets. Trust me, once you give a company enough shout outs, they will come to you.

4. Use my Seven to Ten Ratio Rule. The last thing that someone wants to see (either on a blog, on Twitter or Facebook) is “Buy My Stuff.” So the Seven To Ten Rule is that 7 out of 10 of your tweets should be information that is usefull to your followers or audience.

5. Know who the Social Media Tweeps are and listen to them. @mashable @chrisbrogan @skydiver to name a few. Don’t care if you sell catfood. If you are going to use Twitter as a business tool, you need to do it correctly.

6. Don’t spam. Don’t retweet stuff like “Get 1000 Followers Today.” Place nicely and share your toys.

Feel free to share your tips in the comments. I am going to make it my personal mission to share these types of social media strategies with you at least once a week. Stick around!


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