Share Our Strength Twitter Chat Case Study

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I was contracted by Tuvel Communications to moderate and administrate the Share Our Strength Twitter chat. This event, also, known as #SOSFood, was held on September 30th, 2009.

My responsibilities involved the following:

1. Wrote, created and sent original Tweets to invite people to as well as promoted the chat.

2. Identified an additional panelist through my personal social network.

3. Created three tweets to accomplish these goals:
– Advised of giveaway.

GIVEAWAY: Wanna win a Gift Basket full of swag, cookbooks + much more? Be the 1st to tweet & u win! #sosfood  

– Announced giveaway winner.

Congrats- you’re our Gift Basket winner! Plz send snail mail address
to: gayle at tuvel dot com. We’ll send the goods! #sosfood

– Reminded people to donate.

Plz. don’t forget to visit the ChipIn on Share Our Strength donation page
and Help End Child Hunger! #sosfood

4. Received emails from the giveaway winners, expedited baskets to those individuals.


1. Over 1000 people attended the chat.
2. Over $700 was raised in the duration of the event (2 hours).
3. An additional $500 was donated post-chat, mostly based on a “mini-contest” asking attendees to donate, then tweet about it with the #sosfood hashtag.


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