I Want A New …Bedroom

Our house was built in the 1970’s. We are talking avocado countertops in the kitchen, original wood windows (that the cold seeps into in the wintertime), wood paneling in the den..you get the picture.

All of the bedrooms are upstairs. Due to the odd sizing of the second level of the house, the bedrooms are on the small side. Our bedroom is the largest, but it is only 9 feet by 11 feet. Much to my dismay, we cannot fit a king size bed in it.


A bedroom should be an oasis. Since I need a dresser (darn socks and underwear) and my husband needs one, too (OK, I will allow him a dresser since he gives me more than half of the small closet) the best way to dress up a bedroom is with linens. The two dressers plus two nightstands = cramped living quarters. What to do?

Thankfully Vision Beddings are having a contest and maybe, just maybe I can get a little help with our sad “master” bedroom.

I found the perfect new comforter on the Vision Bedding site. We have had the same duvet on our bed since I bought it at a Home Goods type store in 2000.

Does your bedroom need some pumping up, too? Check out the contest . Lots of prizes are being given away. What bedding would you choose?

This could be fun! Hurry, though, if you want to try to win some of their other prizes too!


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