Going Green(e)

Sure, it may seem difficult to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. This may be true if you, say, want to turn your household green by planting an organic vegetable garden. Relax. It *is* easy to be green. There are small, simple steps that you can make today to minimize your carbon footprint.

go green

1. Moms – Use compostable / biodegradable or cloth diapers. I am a big fan of these. I have a mom friend who swears by these. You can easily find a solution that works for you.

2. Around the House – If you have not already done so, switch all of your lightbulbs to energy saving. Here is a great resource. For paper towels use recycled ones. For napkins, use cloth.

3. Fashion and health – One family found that their son’s asthma improved once they switched to green cleaning products. And, did you know that you can buy eco-friendly eyewear too? Next time I get my prescription updated, I am totally getting a pair.

Even something as little as unplugging an appliance after you are done using it helps.

Have 3 ideas that you use for a greener household? You can blog about them to enter the contest, too.


3 thoughts on “Going Green(e)

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