Friday, Black Friday

My Plan Of Attack For Black Friday

There is only one thing that I look forward to more than the Thanksgiving meal. Well, other than the leftovers.

And that would be shopping. You definitely need a plan to shop strategically on the biggest retail day of the year.

So, in the spirit of giving -I will share my plan of attack for Black Friday this year (mind you, I have trackbacks on my blog so I will know if you follow/stalk me ; ) )

Save Yourself!

1. Collect and analyze the circulars. This step is crucial to knowing when stores open and to determine who has the best deal on what. For example, we want to buy a large flat screen TV. We will check out the prices at electronics stores, departments stores and big box chains.

2. Drive, baby, drive. While I am running around going to work this week or doing errands, I am going to pay close attention to the signs on stores and malls. Today I noticed that a major mall near me is going to have a Midnight Madness sale and open at 12am Friday morning, with giveaways and contests. I am so there!

3. Plan a path. Once I have figured out where the best deals are, I am going to centralize my shopping to a certain area. No need to waste time to go from a city that is an hour away from a good price. I will do my best to stay within a 30 mile radius while on my spree.

What is your Shopping Strategy for Black Friday? You can write your own blog post for a chance at a Target Giftcard. Details here.


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