Save time , save sanity

Around the holidays things get very hectic. Everyone is rushing around shopping for gifts for family and friends, traveling , and either going to or hosting holiday meals.

Slow down! It is easy to get caught up in the holiday maddness, but with these tips you can save time , save money and hopefully save your sanity :

1. Scour the circulars– Friday’s and Sunday’s newspapers are goldmines for these. Check the coupons in the circulars (Staples usually has a $5 – 10 coupon). Also , be sure to take a look at the daily/weekly specials.

2. Centralize your shopping. Try to limit your shopping to 2-3 stores. This can easily be done at a place like Staples. Get an desk organizer for your kid’s teacher; learning software for your kid, and a tech gadget for you hubby.

3. Eagle eye your email. Be sure to register / sign up to receive emails and e-deals from your favorite stores’ websites.

See? That was easy!

Do you have some good ideas on how to save money and time on holiday shopping? Enter the TwitterMoms Staples contest and get a chance to win a gift card!


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