You really shouldn’t have..

It happens every year. Someone gives you a Christmas or Hannukah gift that is so bad, so tacky..that you can’t even believe that a company makes the thing.

However, my husband is pretty darn good when it comes to giving gifts. It all started when we were dating. Back in 2004, we had no plans for Thanksgiving. My then boyfriend told me we were going to go out to dinner at some old farmhouse that was converted into an Inn/restaurant. He also told me that 2 of our friends were going to join us. Since both of our parents live 1/2 way across the country, neither one of us typically travels for Turkey Day.

A friend came to pick us up, and all of a sudden we were at the airport. Geoff says..”Get out of the car, Gayle.” It took me a while to figure out what was happening. Clearly there was no renovated Inn. Geoff took suitcases that he had stowed away out of the car.

I had no idea where we were going until we got off the plane. The destination turned out to be New Orleans. We had a fabulous turkey dinner with all of the trimmings at a restaurant. After dinner, we took a walk around Jefferson Square. It was there he proposed to me. He had to ask me FIVE times because I was in total shock.

This October we will have been married 7 years.

Do you have any stories about surprising gifts that you received? Share them in the TwitterMoms contest to win a Target gift card!

And if anyone is wondering what to give me this year …hint, hint..Target Gift Card.


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