You knew it was coming..a Potty Training post

Note: To my queezy readers or followers who don’t have kids, you may want to skip this one : )

It has been about three months (knocks on wood) since our oldest son, H, has been potty trained. It has been a long, hard road.

Back in the summer of 2008 when I found out I was expecting again, my husband had a brilliant idea to start potty training H, H was turning 2 in August, so I knew that the time to start the process would be way too soon.

With a combination of the book “Potty Training in 24 Hours”, Dum Dum lolipops, temporary tattoos and Elmo “big boy” underwear plus time and patients, the deed is done. But not without mishaps.

One time we were at a play area at the mall. Thanks to some advice of some friends who have 2 boys of our own, we had been able to instill in H that going to the bathroom was the most important thing…ever. More important that playing, more important than eating. Anything!

H looks up at me while going down the slide. “Mom, I gotta go potty.” I knew that was my 2 minute warning to hightail it to the nearest restroom. Unfortunately, he was segwayed by another kid playing on a bouncable bee. I finally convinced him to come with me. We ran down the hall to the bathroom and he looks at me and says “I really gotta pee” and I assured him that I knew. He soon responded “I already did” with tears in his eyes. Luckily the hallway/entryway to the restroom area is tile.

Do you have any funny potty training stories to share? Post it in your blog for a chance to get an educational book,


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