Going From Mompreneur To Power Mommy

Over Thanksgiving I had the fantastic pleasure of speaking with Chandra Clarke, president and founder of Scribendi. I am trying to bring my Social Media consulting business to the next level. Chandra made the big leap from “Mompreneur” to Power Mommy in a little over 10 years. Here is what I learned from talking to her:

1. Choose the hats you want to wear. I explained a time consuming issue with one of my clients. The client kept on piling extra projects on me that were outside my scope and responsibilities. Chandra explained that I needed to focus on what would actually move my career/job ahead and to say no to the extraneous tasks.

2. Don’t forget to market yourself. Chandra reminded me to set aside time each week to promote my business and my skills. It is often difficult when you are up against a project deadline to put effort towards gaining your next client, but having a funnel of prospects is vital to building your business.

3. Think traditional marketing: Chandra also explained that internet marketers and social media consultants like myself often focus on Twitter, Facebook and the web for promoting their company/skills. She advised to concentrate my efforts on local public relations firms and news outlets.

I am happy to say that by taking this advice to heart, I have gained another client. I am really excited about the opportunity and the event.


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