Little Girl Gifts Made Easy

I don’t have a grown up daughter (age 6-12) yet. My daughter just turned one : ). However , I do have an honorary niece whom I will call S in this post because I want her birthday present to be a surprise.

S will be turning 6 in February. Accordingly, she is starting to act less like a little girl, and more like a big girl. I used to be able to get away with getting her any pink or purple item in the girls section of a major department store.

About six months ago, when a holiday was approaching she would make comments (well, orders really) about what kind of clothes to buy her. “Not too much pink,” S would say. Or “Hannah Montana not Miley,” she would insist.

I just found out about a new website/product called FashionPlaytes. It is perfect for S – she will be able to design her own item of clothing, then FashionPlaytes will make whatever she chooses to create and mail it to her.

By playing around (which was super fun!) I created a poncho with a custom label. Check it out

Fashion Playtes is letting me share some savings with you.
Get $15 off your first purchase at Fashion Playtes!
Use the code TwitterMom15 at checkout. . Or you can tweet about FashionPlaytes and use the hashtag #FashionPlaytes.


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