Looking West. SXSW, That Is.

So, I am planning on going to South By Southwest AKA SXSW this year. I have the plane ticket and hotel room handled, however, my friends at Elance are looking for someone to handle blogging on all things tech/corporate and key influencers. I am hoping that I can be that person, as a full-access SXSW Interactive badge would certainly be sweet.

Here is what I am predicting will be the standouts:


1. Why Keep Blogging? Real Answers for Smart Tweeple. As a blogger, this is an important event. I want to learn when to blog/when to update Facebook status or if I should Tweet, both for myself and for my clients.

2. Can the Realtime Web Be Realized? Sure, we have heard all of the hype about instant feedback and updates, but those of us in the trenches know that we are only halfway there. Maybe this event can identify the obstacles into achieving a true realtime online world.

3. Crowdsourcing: The Ensemble’s Experience With the Netflix Prize. For the mere fact that I want to find out how the heck the top 2 scientific and engineering teams solved the problem in order to win $100,000.

4. Is App-vertising The Answer? Is there really an App for that? (meaning to advertise your business)?

5. What Guys Are Doing To Get More Girls In Tech. As a woman techie, I am hot on this one. I have been the lone wolfess in the tech room for far too long.

6. SXSW Interactive, obvs.

7. Mashable’s MashBash

Companies To Watch at SXSW

1. Microsoft – They are hosing a really cool event called BizAccelerator where they give narrow 32 companies down to 12 Microsoft and finally 4 will emerge as the BizSpark Accelerator SXSW Interactive 2010 champions
2. Volution An up and coming ecommerce solution I have heard a ton of buzz about.
3. Razorfish A multi media brand/ad agency. They are badass.



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