5 things on my ‘Honey-do’ list that never get done.

Everyone has one. A honey-do list. You know, the list of things that you want your husband or significant other around the house.

The thing is, with a house and family and jobs and every day life..the list just gets longer and longer and some items need to get prioritized and completed (childproofing the kitchen cabinets with a toddler in the house) and others just don’t get done.

With that said, here is our list of things on the “Honey-Do” list that never get done:

1. Hang new kitchen curtains. We have old, dirty, lace kitchen curtains that conveyed with the house when we bought it. I am pretty sure that the previous owners did not replace them either, as the owners before them bought the house in the 1970’s and did not change a thing.

2. Replace mirror and light in downstairs and master bath to match the guest bath. My husband started this project about 6 months ago and that’s why the guest bathroom has a light fixture and mirror from this century. He actually has the items necessary for the other bathrooms, they just need to be installed/hung.

3. Replace kitchen countertops. We have those lovely avocado green countertops cerca 1970. They are ugly and crack and stain easily. We already know what we want to replace them with material-wise, just need someone to do it.

4. Hang new chandelier/ light fixture in dining room. The last time I was in Home Depot, I spotted the ” chandelier” we have – standard basic deal for a whopping $40. Faux brass, ugly.

5. Remove woodburning stove that we never use. Someday, I would love to actually use our fireplace. Our neighbors have a roaring fire going in the wintertime and that makes me jealous! ; )

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