On Getting Back To It

Thanks to a kick in the pants from a dear friend and sometimes mentor, I am going to get serious about blogging again. If I am going to claim that I am a kick butt marketing person, then I need to walk the walk.

I have been re-connecting with a lot of my high school friends on Facebook. It has been fun to see what everyone is up to after all of this time (20+ years). I can only assume what happened next. A person who I knew in high school but was not really friendly with must have seen one of his/her friends make an association with me. Next she/he remembered what I cool person I was/am and made a friend request. I see the friend request and while I am trying to remember who the heck this person is, I see that he/she has this header that is making fun of a major political figure. #Fail

This. Seriously, person.



So, what is today’s lesson? Remember who you are and what you put out there. You never know who may see the content or graphic that you post, no matter how “private” you think the space is. Did I accept that friend request? Hell to the no. I am not going to tarnish my brand (me) by “friending” someone who is so thickheaded to put his/her political views so front and center. You are your brand. You represent your family, your company and most importantly, yourself.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.




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