What Is Your Brand?

It is often hard to remember that whatever we do represents us. Post something stupid online? People may think you (or your company, family, friends) are stupid. Put an offensive graphic on Facebook? People may think you are racist/anti-Semitic/bigoted. Tweet something while you are blasted out drinking with friends? People may not realized that you were not inhibited, and think that you meant it.

There are lots of classic examples of this, both from individuals and/or big companies. Justine Sacco , Kenneth Cole , The Red Cross …. the list goes on. Until people and companies get it. Think before you post. Think before you Tweet. Think before you put a picture or graphic on FaceBook.

Do you really want your kid’s parents to think that this is really you?


Do you want to be the this employee?


So, before you think it is “right” to scrawl something obnoxious along with your signature on a receipt, or before you post something on any social media outlet take a minute and ask yourself an important question. “Would I want my mom/my kids/my spouse/my boss to read this”? If the answer is even “Maybe Not” don’t do it. It won’t be so funny when you find yourself out of a job, or with someone mad at you or have others have false perceptions of you. You are your brand. Go be great.

“Every man dies, not every man really lives.” William Wallace, Braveheart


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