Customer Service: Why It Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool.

As those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know, I am currently in a hard-core job search for something more full time. Consulting is fun and all, but it literally does not pay the bills. Since most companies are not forward-thinking enough to understand the whole virtual work thing, I need to add some clothes that are office appropriate.

Today I went to Fair Oaks Mall to shop for a structured blazer. I have an interview next week and a few events coming up that I could use a blazer for either way. I entered through Macy’s and was greeted immediately once I reached the women’s department. The sales associate that helped me showed me a great blazer, and even gave me a print out of the item description & number along with a list of Macy’s that also had it in my size. The only issue was the blazer, although was on sale, cost $70. On sale. I am losing weight and light on funds, so I am not willing to pay that much for a piece of clothing that I am only going to wear once.

Next, I went to XXI . Now, before you laugh, they sometimes have nice pants, blazers and skirts at a lower price point than women’s stores. Again, I was greeted as soon as I entered the store. The Fair Oaks store has two levels, and the woman that helped me was going up and down the stairs showing me different options. Unfortunately, they had nothing in my size, so I continued on my quest.

The third store I went to was New York & Company. I walked in the store and neither of the two employees acknowledged me. It was ten am so there was only one other customer in the store at the time. One of the employees slowly walked from the cash wrap to where the other customer was looking at blouses, and asked her if she was finding everything OK. Like I wasn’t even there.

I found the blazers, took one off the hanger and tried it on since I was just wearing a cotton dress. Again, no contact from either of the employees. I felt like I was trapped in that scene from Pretty Woman.


I found a blazer that fit me perfectly and was only $30. I then walked it up to the cash register where the employee took the item from me and asked me for my phone number. Really? I replied that I was not going to give her any information due to the lack of assistance I received in the store. No apology was given. I paid and left the store.

Now here is where the company could have saved the day. I tweeted at NY & Co while this was happening. I also posted about the incident on their Facebook page as well as tagged them on my page. It is currently almost seven pm, NINE HOURS after the incident and I have heard nothing from NY & Co. What I don’t understand is why companies have ways to communicate with them via social media and don’t listen. Sure, they post all sorts of information about why we should buy their products and shop at their stores or websites. But when we have an actual issue while trying to give them money, when they can actually learn from the situation, they don’t respond.

I guess the next step is to write them a snail mail letter. However, if you or someone you know has the ability to hire a social media person or make the decision to put up a Facebook or Twitter page for your company, please…make sure your hire the right person. And make sure you are listening to your customers.






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