Adapt Or Get Left Behind

Today our family started a new morning routine. Up until now, my husband Geoff would drop the kids off at school in the mornings while I would do stuff like laundry, tidy up the house, and client work. The pluses was that he got time alone with our oldest while he walked him to his school, and time alone with the girls while driving them to their school. We were also able to eat breakfast as a family. The downsides were that he would not typically get home until 6:30 or 7 o’clock at night because he was going to the gym after dropping off the kids. He would always miss dinner and sometimes miss bedtime. He was ready to make a change.

So, this morning he was off to the gym soon after I woke the kids up. My kids are not morning people.


This is pretty acurate.

This is pretty accurate.


I started to make breakfast and since my youngest was up first, I let her pick what she wanted for breakfast (bagels). The older two finally made it downstairs. Once the kids were downstairs, I was able to make their lunches. The kids wanted salad. Easy enough.


Simpsons Salad

I pack as much as I can the night before (this is key) like Goldfish, juice boxes, Nutrigrain bars, and juice boxes. I also make sure all the needed papers are in the oldest’s homework folder.

At 7am, I make sure they are all upstairs. Since the oldest can basically dress himself, I focus on the younger ones. I help the youngest pick out her clothes (she is at the “I have opinions” stage) and her dressed. Then, I focus our middle child on picking out her clothes (she is 5 going on 15). Meanwhile the oldest brushes his teeth. We have a Jack and Jill bathroom for the kids so with the two sinks the girls can brush their teeth at the same time.

Of course it is raining out, so I run out to the car with the backpacks to save a step. The kids get their rainboots and coats together and we are ready to go. We all pile into the car and drive to the oldest’s school. I park the car, let everyone out, and walk to the crosswalk with everyone under my huge umbrella. The oldest is holding my youngest’s hand which is super cute.

We walk together to the front of the school, tell the oldest goodbye and find ourselves with about 30 minutes to kill before the girls need to be at school. So I had an idea. Donuts! By this time the youngest has fallen down on a street that is uneven because it is being paved.

I drive the girls to Dunkin’ and they are allowed to pick out a donut while I get my coffee. Everybody is happy. We pile back in the car then it is off to school.  So what did I learn from this? As Steve Winwood would say “Roll with it baby. ” If you are resistant to change, whatever that has changed will be harder for you. This goes for a new software program at work, a change in the layout of Facebook or Twitter, and friends/family moving closer to you or further away. It is your choice. Adapt or die.








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