Why I Go To Starbucks

I am not going to lie, I am not a morning person. I have to force myself to wake up at 6am to get the kids up and get going. Coffee is my drug of choice to help me keep going.

Me Without Coffee Image



So, this morning after I dropped off my oldest at his school, I had time to kill before I dropped off the girls. There is a drive through Starbucks near their school. I typically do not do drive throughs, but is raining cats and dogs here and it was just easier to keep everyone in the car. The drive thru line was long as it was 8am.


Not an actual Starbucks Drive thru.


I finally got to the speaker and ordered my coffee (Tall soy iced coffee with 2 packets of Equal) and then slowly made it to the window. I am low on funds so I tried my bank debit/credit card with no luck. Then, people behind me started beeping. Really people? Anyway, I always have a Ziplock of change on me so I gave it to the friendly cashier who was kind enough to a) not give me shit for giving him a bag of change and b) told me that I had more than enough change in the bag. I just laughed, gave him my credit card that I knew I had cash on, and told him to give himself a dollar tip.

What can we learn from this? When I get to choose a place to get my coffee, it will totally be Starbucks. I give my business to companies whose employees treat me well, either in person or via Social Media. Other companies that are Doing It Right are Staples, CORT Furniture, Suave and Lego. What are your favorite companies with awesome customer service? Tell me below.





2 thoughts on “Why I Go To Starbucks

  1. samantha says:

    Love Starbuck,too I buy GC through Manna where a percent goes to Charlotte’s skate team. I save them even if they only have a few cents on them.Those pennies add up! YES, I do present them all at one time to the cashier and they never even blink. LOVE STARBUCKS!!

  2. Doing it wrong, but pretending to do it right, is Comcast. When I tweeted them some time ago about a problem (a “temporary” line they never buried), they claimed they would do something, and never did. Two years later, I am a FiOS customer, in part because of my negative experience, and largely because Verizon wooed me at the time, when they saw what an awful time I had with Comcast.

    Verizon is using social media well, IMHO.

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