Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

My husband is off on a trip today. He woke up early to leave for the airport, which in turn woke the cat up, who in turn made sure I was awake.

PixelOnTheMove                                                                      Hi. I have been asleep since 7pm last night. HI!

Peter was right. It is great to wake up early.

I spend what little down time I have reconnecting with people I have either lost touch with or have not been very good at reaching out to. You know the ones, your “friends” on Facebook that you rarely interact with. So, I have been reaching out to friends from high school, college, previous jobs, even radio stations I used to listen to.

It has been really nice to get back in touch with these people. It is funny how life works, that even when you live in the same area, you don’t see the people that you can actually see. Make the time. If you get resistance, offer to plan a get together. I bet you can make time for coffee, or lunch, or find an event that you both want to bring your kids to.

If you don’t make the time or the plan, who will? Reunite with someone today.




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