Apple Care?



Somehow, either me or my kids bought something on my iPhone/Mac via iTunes. I never use iTunes, so the last time I entered in my billing information was back in 2008 when I first bought my MacBook. Since then, I have changed my billing and address information at least twice. I tried to update my billing information, but my old credit card number seemed to be stuck. No matter what I tried, I could not change my card – Mac, PC, Phone..nothing worked. I arranged an appointment with AppleCare/Cuppurtino on May at 16th 8:00 am EST. At that time I was assured I would receive an email or call regarding the status of my case. I did not get what was promised.

When I did not hear from Apple, I stopped into a store (Potomac Town Center). At that store I was chastised for not having an appointment. In addition, after I checked in and was told by Genius I spoke to that he would be right with me, I was stuck waiting for 20 minutes. I had my (small) children with me. Meanwhile, there were many employees either talking to each other or chatting with friends who were in the store. A manager finally helped me and advised me that Apple Stores could not speak to Apple CA directly. At that point, I used one of the in store Macs to write an email to Apple Care.

I still did not get a response (that I could update my billing) until May 19th. So, in the end it was a waste of my time, resources, and the kids went to bed late.

When I was a customer service manager and I either had a day off or was leaving at the end of a shift, I made sure to hand off all of the urgent/unfinished cases to another manager or senior rep. At that time (now May 19th) I got yet another email from Apple Care (it was another “manager” this time, guess the first person I dealt with did not want to talk to me anymore. I was advised the situation was fixed, but was charged $2.95 (again this was May 19th). I responded back to the 2nd Apple Care Manager that I wanted the 2.95 refunded.

On May 25th, I received an email from an ITunes Manager that she wanted the receipt (?!) from the charge. I assumed (wrongly) that since the bill was from iTunes that maybe someone who worked on that particular product. I sent the receipt and as long as I was livid by that point I asked for an additional $15 refund due to the fact that I was never told that there was a fee associated with upgrading my phone (?!).

The end game on all this is that yet another iTunes Manager told me to go to the Apple Store where the upgrade was done. I did so and was helped by Travis, who is indeed a pretty awesome guy. No credit as of yet for the “upgrade fee” but I will keep you guys posted. Whew.


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