Using The Tools We Are Given

Hi there. I know it has been a while. There has been something I noticed over the past few months while mired in the day to day activities of work and child wrangling. It is this: Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. But very few people are using it effectively.

1. Email. I cannot even express how many times I have received an auto reply from someone telling me that he/she will be out of the office. Which is typically fine, except if the date that the person states that he or she will be back in the office has already passed. How to resolve this? First, really think about whether setting up this kind of notifier is necessary. If you do deem it worthy of telling people you will not be able to immediately respond to emails, be sure to turn off the notification as soon as you return. Simple.


2. Scheduled Tweets. This is where many people (and companies) can get into trouble. LiveNation got slammed for telling their followers to share pictures of a concert, after the show was cancelled due to the structure falling over resulting in one death and multiple injuries. Somehow, LiveNation was able to tweet that the show was cancelled, but whomever was in charge of their social media/Twitter stream neglected to look at the previously scheduled tweets.

3. Knowing the appropriate times to share on social media. This one should be a given by now, but time and time again people just don’t think before posting stuff on the internet. Like the time Kim Kardashian promoted her momanger’s appearance on QVC, 20 minutes after sending her condolences to victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Her mom didn’t do much better, tweeting about her appearance without even mentioning the Boston incident.



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