Likes, Shares, and Retweets Mean Nothing

We have had more than our share of snow days in the recent weeks, so that means all I have been doing this week is playing catch-up. I have had a ton of in-person meetings with my clients as I often do at the beginning of the month.

The questions I am hearing, more often than not, is “How do we get more likes?” or “How do we get more followers?”



When are companies going to understand that no matter how many followers they have on Twitter, how many Fans or Likes they have on Facebook — it does not mean a damn thing if no one buys their product. So, guess what? Likes and followers don’t mean squat. How many companies have you seen with over a million followers on Facebook go bankrupt? Exactly.

What companies need to do to be successful, at least in social media is create compelling content that is meaningful to their customers. To ask their customers what they want. To be more aware of what the customer is buying or looking for and make it easier for the customer to find that item. For example, if I buy a new pair of running shoes on an e-commerce website, why would that company serve me advertisements for swim goggles?

Focus on delivering a great customer experience, and the revenue will follow. Stop worrying about Likes and Shares. If you give the customer what they want, the positive word of mouth will be worth more than 1,000 likes. And you can put that in the bank.


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