Sometimes, it is you

I just ended what was a very humbling experience. A contract with a client where we could never get on the same page. Whenever I swerved left, the client wanted me to swerve right. There somehow was a communication clash from the start.

So, as I lick my wounds and ramp up efforts to replace those hours – a few lessons learned:

  • Be proactive. Ask for feedback rather than wait for it. Managers tend to tell you how they want projects delivered. Talk about any concerns you may have. Which leads me to..
  • Ask questions! If given an open-ended task such as “place this photos on collateral” ask questions like “I was thinking of putting x photo on the tri-fold mailer.” By asking questions it will clarify what is used where as well as give additional thought as to whether it makes sense.
  • One you’ve tried and tried again, it may not be the right fit. In the end…I think that what this most recent situation boils down to. Lesson learned. When a door closes…



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