Seven Surprising Facts About Employee Engagement

You-say-you-value-your-employees---memeDo you think that a refrigerator stocked with free sodas and cabinets will keep your employees happy? Think again. Employee engagement is vital to staff retention and should be something that your business is constantly trying to improve.

Here are seven dos and don’ts of employee engagement*:

  • 89% of employers think that employees leave for a better salary someplace else. That is not the case, the fact is that only 12% of employees leave due to more money.
  • 75% of people do not leave their positions, they leave their manager.
  • More often than not, companies use gamification (something that already exists like a website or features used in real games). In fact, 70% of Fortune 2000 companies use gamification to increase retention, revenues and engagement.
  • While 90% of CEO’s feel that an engagement strategy is important, only 25% of them actually have one.
  • Companies think that their employees have a clear understanding of the company’s objectives. The reality is only 40% of the employees know what the strategies, goals and tactics are for the business they work for.
  • The more feedback, the better! 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared with 18% of employees with low engagement.
  • More engagement = more money. Companies with highly engaged employees earn 2 times more annual net income than businesses who have poor or little employee engagement.

Most of the time, a little extra feedback can make the difference, or simply sharing the company goals to create a sense of unity. We all want to feel part of something, and the workplace is no different. Do you have ideas of how to improve employee engagement? Let me know in the comments!

*This data was obtained from various reports and sources including Gallup, Gartner, ACCOR, Bain and Towers Watson.


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