Five Marketing Tools I Use to Achieve Campaign Success.

Lately, I have had a few people ask about what software, technologies, etc. to ensure that my marketing campaigns achieve and exceed their goals. Here is a list of five of them:

  1. Triggered Email campaigns. These include confirmation emails, transactional emails, autoresponders and welcome emails. These help guide the customer through the buyer journey as well as are more effective in terms of click through rates. Accordingly, re-targeted ads via SEO.
  2. Creating a free tool for customers and prospects that solve a problem specific to the audience such as a calculator to determine how many hours would be saved by using the product. That way, the customer will think of our company and products when they are looking for ways to reduce production hours.
  3. Ensuring emails, social channels and website(s) are mobile friendly and include social sharing buttons on the website and emails. More and more people are reading emails and visiting websites on their phone and the social buttons are a great way to allow customers to share information about the company and product(s).
  4. Using customized and personalized emails by including dynamic content and using list fields such as zip code, job title or purchase/product interest history. The more personalized an email is, the higher the click through and open rate will be. This also includes landing pages.
  5. Testing: I test factors including email/website text length; HTML vs text ; photos/graphics; email frequency; landing pages;  alternate offers; list segment performance and spam score. These factors directly relate to click through rates and ultimately revenue.

List segmentation, ensuring a clear call to action is included in every email and on the website, as well as making emails and website content sharable are also effective and important.


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